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Black Palmwood

Black palmwood

In the past black palmwood was rough sawn, wasteful and we sold it at prices up to $75.00/square foot. Now, new state of the art technology has made it possible to process black palmwood into beautiful 2mm thick veneer panels at a fraction of the old cost. The panels are composed of edge-glued and end-butt jointed strips. Because of the incredible uniformity of palmwood, these joints are barely perceptible, even close up. The sheets (panels) are evenly sanded, squared and uniform in size to minimize waste. Palms are tall, woody plants that grow back to maturity faster than regular trees making them a sound ecological choice. Don't confuse this with the less attractive red palm, brown palm or coconut palm. This is the rare black or royal palm from South American shores (Iriartea palmbil) that is coal black with brown quills. It is both exotic and elegant at the same time. There is nothing else like it!

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