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Roy & Carlos rolling veneer
Nothing enhances the enjoyment of our craft more than working with the finest wood. Appropriate veneer selection elevates the ordinary to the exceptional. Outstanding wood often awakens our imagination and stirs up the creativity that first drew us to woodworking.

In 1983, Certainly Wood began bridging the gap between a supply industry that produces volumes of mixed grade veneers and the more discriminating taste of designers and custom woodworkers. By hand picking the best veneers from "premium" and "AA" pallets, we assemble an inventory unsurpassed in aesthetics and quality. Click here to read about the beginning of Certainly Wood.

Our "Full-Service Philosophy" guarantees that your order will be selected at the right price, whether you require a pallet, a flitch, a few bundles, or a couple of sheets.

Why such effort to offer the world's most prestigious veneers? Because your work deserves the attention extraordinary wood attracts!

How thick are our veneers?

  • Unless specified otherwise, the thickness of our veneers is approximately 1/50" (0.02") to 1/42" (0.024") thick. Looking for thicker veneers? Click here to see our selection of Special Thickness veneers.

Why you should buy veneer from us:

  • World's highest quality raw wood, full-length veneers
  • Any size order welcome
  • Millions of square feet in stock and ready to ship
  • Visually striking woods including burls and highly-figured woods
  • Most orders shipped within 24–48 hours
  • Full 20-day money back guarantee of your satisfaction
  • Inexpensive handling and shipping charges cover most shipping costs
  • 8-tier pricing structure assures the right price for each order size
  • Highly-experienced staff
  • Over 40 years of selling the world's finest veneers
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