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LATI (aka White Wenge)
Golden yellow color. Known as white wenge because of the similarity of its grain pattern to that of true wenge.
Amphimas pterocarpoides
Western and Central Africa
LATI 1601
$1.50 per sq. ft. (subject to our discounts)
6.5-14" wide full-length net x 134-137" long. 4,550 sq. ft. Please call to confirm availability.
LATI 1602
$1.25 per sq. ft. (subject to our discounts)
4–11" wide full-length net x 129–135" long. 1,888 sq. ft. Please call to confirm availability.
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About our veneer:
  • Our veneers are raw, unspliced, not backed or pre-finished.
  • Pictures are representations only, please contact us for specific availability.
  • Lengths and widths vary just as individual logs vary.
  • Sheets are sold full length, not cut to size.
  • Lengths are represented as: SHORTS (3 ft. long or less), FURNITURE LENGTH (3–8 ft. long), and PANEL LENGTH (8 ft. or longer).
  • Prices are per square foot and subject to our discounts (see table at right).
  • Unless specified otherwise, the thickness of our veneers is approximately 1/50" (0.02") to 1/42" (0.024") thick. To help visualize this thickness, we created a Veneer Thickness Comparison graphic. Click on the image below to view a larger version.
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